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Find out more about what it’s like to engage with Re-Sourcing as a founder, recruiter, business or professional.

Are You A Founder Or Owner?

As The Re-Sourcing Group continues to grow, we are always looking for founder-led companies to join our group. Let’s start a conversation about why partnering with us just makes sense. Our years of experience operating, growing, financing and creating value can help your business grow, improve profitability and help you make informed decisions that align with your business strategies. We invest in (not acquire) you and your business and find ways to grow and create value TOGETHER while sharing and incorporating best practices.

Are You A Staffing Executive?

Recruiting can be a fulfilling and rewarding career – assuming you are part of an organization with strong support and a savvy, forward-thinking leadership team and business model. If you feel like you’re spinning your wheels, missing opportunities or just not the right fit with your current firm, we are always open to confidential conversations. We’ll tell you the same thing we tell our candidates – it’s always good to talk. There’s no better way to understand trends, gather market data, and compare compensation to that of your peers. Staying informed is smart whether you’re ready to make a move or not.

Are You A Company Struggling To Find Talent?

Why go it alone when you can put the power of Re-Sourcing and our brands behind you? Our national presence, family of brands, strong vertical expertise, and owner-led business model will surpass your previous experience with recruiting firms. We will manage expectations, present top talent, and work with you to get in front of current employment trends.

Are You Interested In Exploring A Career Move?

Today’s job market is dynamic and fast-moving. There’s no shortage of opportunities – but that makes choosing the right job more important than ever. We know you have options and respect how busy you are. We’ll help you find the best way to leverage your skills and experience to create opportunities for your career and financial advancement. Our goal is for our interactions to be efficient and honest. We’ll always be direct with you about our ability to provide you with opportunities, market data, and career advice or direction.

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Let’s Work Together